Ten-Cent Safari

Ten-Cent Safari started as two things: a) a short-form means of writing every day, and b) an outlet for experimenting with voices. I enjoy writing dialogue—it is my bliss; thus, an ensemble of characters came to life. Our cast are inhabitants of a large-but-small-time zoo; their day-to-day is as boring as ours. What better way is there, then, to play with the English language than to record their mundane absurdities of life.

Safari Snippets are one-off conversations.
Safari Serial is a story in progress.
Safari Slam is poetry from the cast.
What Is and Flybys are where I test out new voices. Most animals start there.

This site started as a means of hosting short-form writing, but most of it has been taken over by “the safari”. Most things you read lead back to it.

PS: All content uses the screenplay format. It emphasizes dialogue and action.