Shooting (haiku)

Good lad! Step lightly! This lot aren’t for survival! They’ve all full bellies! —Mister P. the Pigeon

Onlookers (haiku)

What separates chaps— you, perceiver, me, perceived? Perception? …Or glass? —Mister K. the Orangutan

Male Chicks (haiku)

Such young dears. Poor things. Can’t lay eggs, so can’t be kept. Can’t be helped, though, hon… —Francine the Hen

Rainforest (haiku)

Homestead to worlds. Mother. Swim, crawl, climb, fly—such sons dear. Why pave where gods live? —Langdon the Tree Boa

Sentience (haiku)

That word: “sentience.” …Is it man’s or earth’s or life’s? …Or is it beauty’s? —Martin the Meerkat

Bugs (haiku)

My looks ain’t keep me safe. MY WAY WITH BUG SQUASHERS DOES! …YOU SEE A WITNESS? —Marl the Ladybug

Chick Culling (haiku)

Mayhaps the Lord’s way. Like takin’ firs’ sons all ‘gain. Somehow I ain’ts sure… —Lionel the Rooster

Squirrel Culling (haiku)

No no no no no! Wait wait wait wait, wait stop stop! …Look look, I’m a red! —Fife the Gray Squirrel

Roadkill (haiku)

Two words, one idea: non-discriminatory… …sophistication. —Sark the Vulture

Lions (haiku)

This? We cannot blame. How poor it is he need meat. But these “human,” though… —Jamil the Gazelle