Exotic (haiku)

Want pet? I get pet! Need most exotic? No charge. Know plenty young boy. —Rex the Lemur

Deforestation (haiku)

What’s mine is yours. Worst: “Can’t see forests for the trees.” ‘Cause “Money don’t grow…” —Paco the Tree Pangolin

Angora (haiku)

This is it…or not. I’ll finally die—maybe. Might hope; I’m not sure… —Olive the Bunny

Cancer (haiku)

Dese “city” types,  uh? Even rot don’t scare ’em, see? Mean…what dese glands for? —Niles the Opossum

Food Chain (haiku)

No, see, dude, like, no. Food chain’s real, but ‘snot what y’eat. Ape me’d still eat nuts. —Motts the Chipmunk

Frog Legs (haiku)

Hokka-leg big pride. Many-time make for big-deed. Make hope Hokka-keep. —Hokka the Toad

Zoos? (haiku)

I—I—couldn’t say. I just—just know—knows they bad. Just—just—look around… —Leonard the Flamingo

Birdfeeders (haiku)

Ah! Zese sings! Such ‘eart! F’only zey’d some for ze fowl! …But zey’re eaten, I sink. —Byrón the Hummingbird

Pests (haiku)

“Pain”? “Pest”? Crime. Offense. Cow: dog: boy: fly. Life, voice, sense. …Kind. …Kin. …Sentience. —Pip the Gnat

Fur (haiku)

Oi. Wha’s wiff all dis. Sayin’ I should keep it? Coat was me uncle’s! —Mitch the Mink (Weasel)