[MATURE] White spots riddling the gray mass of a RHINO—some black-pitted dribbles, some dusty, dry impacts. A black speck flits from lump to lump. RHINO Man, jus’ ‘bout had it upta here, see. Candy-ass… Continue reading


Two dogs, BUSTER and MAX, sit unsupervised, tied up and people watching. BUSTER Look, watch. Look, watch. (a beat) Heheh. “Bark.” Hah! See? I tell ya… MAX See what? BUSTER Pfft. You didn’t… Continue reading

What is the devil?

  What is the devil, y’say? What AIN’T the devil, should be sayin’. Why, the devil’s all things good ‘n’ light ‘n’ warm…’n’ cold ‘n’ bitter ‘n’ hard…’n’ sweet ‘n’ soft ‘n’ sublime…’n’… Continue reading


A little girl in awe of us, her body against the glass. GENTLEMAN (O.S.) Come, come. I’ve something real to show you. We pull away from the girl. Turn. A WALL OF GLASS… Continue reading


A bird’s-eye view of a bald bench-sitter. Shadows of branches above. INSTRUCTOR (O.S.) Now, see—you must tread lightly. Mind your orientation, secure proper footing, about-face…and release. A white blip launches groundward from somewhere… Continue reading

Mitch & Danny

  Righ’, le’s geddis. You parked me car. I parked the car. I went in f’ra table. You went in for a table. I goddus seats, seddus down. Ya wiff me? Got seats…… Continue reading

What is it with men these days?

  Yanno, I sorta just feel… I dunno! It’s just, I look at ‘im, and I think…is that all there is? …This is it? I mean, yea, I always thought love was s’posed… Continue reading

What is job?

  Job not where go work. Job life. Job where go LIVE. Meet person; make thing; make baby. Show baby; share work; share home. Baby have work, have home. Can’t ask more. Maybe… Continue reading

“Binnie” & Sarah

[MATURE] And what do you like about that one? …Gold! It’s golden? Yeah? What else is gold about it? The… ‘S got stuffs on it. The glitter? Yea. Sparkles? Those sparkles are what… Continue reading

What is family?

[MATURE] What it is, what it is— Hear me out… I’s what keeps you down, bro. I’s what keeps you down. Tha’s ALL ‘ey’ll ever be. My momma, when I turn thirteen? She… Continue reading