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Cage (haiku)

New ones. New ones. New. ‘Kay, first: What makes a cage. Wals. Two: What’s that. Flightless. —Wally the Macaw


TRAY the siamang hangs in his tree. WALLY the parrot perches atop enclosure wire above. He holds a juice box. TRAY ‘EY! YOU! BIRD! BEAK! CHOO COME FROM? WASSA MATTA? LUNCHROOM TOO RITZ?… Continue reading


[MATURE] WALLY the parrot, cafeteria mascot, sits in his cage in front of food stands. NILES the opossum lurks in shadows below, obviously waiting for someone. WALLY Tuesday. It’s Tuesday. It’s Tuesday. NILES… Continue reading

Wally & Bert

  I’ve got a new one, Bert. Ah, Christ… What does a guy say to a fast-food worker. I thought you were gonna give me your number. Wal, that doesn’t even make sense.… Continue reading

What is today?

  Today is Talky Tuesday. Today is Talky Tuesday. Talky Tuesday means jokes. I like jokes… Tuesday we get on the stage and we tell some. Do you tell some? I tell some.… Continue reading