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What is it with men these days?

  Yanno, I sorta just feel… I dunno! It’s just, I look at ‘im, and I think…is that all there is? …This is it? I mean, yea, I always thought love was s’posed… Continue reading

“Binnie” & Sarah

[MATURE] And what do you like about that one? …Gold! It’s golden? Yeah? What else is gold about it? The… ‘S got stuffs on it. The glitter? Yea. Sparkles? Those sparkles are what… Continue reading

What is family?

[MATURE] What it is, what it is— Hear me out… I’s what keeps you down, bro. I’s what keeps you down. Tha’s ALL ‘ey’ll ever be. My momma, when I turn thirteen? She… Continue reading

What is worth getting up in the morning for?

[MATURE] Cuppa. Scotch, maybe. A real good fuck. Bit early. Though I’d rather a brandy myself. Bleh. ‘N’ coke, obviously. I can’t start in ’til at least three. Lushes, the both o’ ya.… Continue reading

What is death?

  When body go in ground, no more move. Hah. No, no. I kid. “What is ‘dead’…” Is hard. No? Dead is many thing. Is no more move, is no more like, is… Continue reading

What is happiness?

  “What’s ‘happy’?” Can you believe? “What’s ‘happy.’” There’s the rub, innit. If y’knew, you wouldn’t bother to sit here and tell—you’d just go have it. Doesn’t work like that. You can’t just… Continue reading