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Dinner Up (acrostic)

“Delicacies” Ill-advised: Narcissistic, Nutrient-deficient Enslavement Remains (Unethical Pleasures) —Sark the Vulture

Roadkill (haiku)

Two words, one idea: non-discriminatory… …sophistication. —Sark the Vulture

What is our purpose?

  Purpose…? Purpose…? Ain’t a word, really. Should be “behavioral justification and blueprint”—i.e., why we do what we do and how we do it. Ya life. All live a certain way for reasons.… Continue reading

What is it called?

  It’s called “covert acquaintance commandeering and acclimation.” Do it all the time. Is a practiced business. “Regular connection overturn and resupply” being the technical term. Never keep friends too long. Perks dry… Continue reading