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Serial 4

INT. ZOO — RAINFOREST EXHIBIT — NIGHT (MINUTES LATER) The crowd just stares at Lou, his rehearsed speech just finished. Lou looks around, gathers himself. LOU ‘Kay, Macs…’kay, Macs… A CRANE FLY enters,… Continue reading

Serial 3

INT. ZOO — UNKNOWN — UNKNOWN (ONE DAY EARLIER) LOU We’s here, we’s here…’cause o’ the parks, the parks. Ain’ts got walk-ins, ain’ts got walk-ins… Ain’ts got funds. (a beat) Dey’s closin’. (another)… Continue reading

Serial 2

EXT. ZOO — SMALL WOODED CLEARING — DAY (1 DAY EARLIER) LOU the crow paces, agitated. LOU Naw, naw. He don’t knows, he don’t knows. Break his heart, it would. Ain’t tell no… Continue reading

Serial 1

INT. ZOO — RAINFOREST EXHIBIT — NIGHT The ENTIRE CAST crams into the lobby. LOU the crow with a list stands before them. LOU Alright, alright. Here’s we go, here’s we go. (reading)… Continue reading