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Sentience (haiku)

That word: “sentience.” …Is it man’s or earth’s or life’s? …Or is it beauty’s? —Martin the Meerkat

What is right?

  An interesting question. Don’t you agree? What is right… I often wish I knew myself. Funny how we go about our days distinguishing this or that as judicious and true…while knowing these… Continue reading


A whole SLEW OF ANIMALS convene around a table. FRANK the seagull perches on a chair. FRANK Alright. Let’s go around the table. Buster, let’s start with you. BUSTER Okay, yeah. That goat… Continue reading


MARTIN the meerkat sky-gazes in the tiny enclosure’s sun. FRÄULEIN the tiger lounges in background shade. MARTIN …Why is it, do you think, that we have these visits? How do predator and prey prove company? You… Continue reading

What is our future?

  “Future.” Just think of that word for a moment. Really think. *a beat* There. See what happened? By thinking of it, you made it real. You’re here! Give yourself a hand and… Continue reading