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Circuses (haiku)

All’s did wonder why. We’s stood so funny, that is. Turns out, so they’d laugh. —Kip the Elephant Calf


KIP the elephant stands in the middle, cramped and holding a balloon. FLO the goldfish floats in a large tank. Another photoshoot. KIP Gee, never thought I’d see th’inside o’ where they stay.… Continue reading


KIP the elephant and perched DEMI the kookaburra stand amongst VARIOUS YOUNG ANIMALS. Many hold balloons, a tripod nearby. This is obviously some kind of photoshoot. KIP I don’t like meetin’ so many… Continue reading

What is refreshing?

  Always did like them fizzy pops Momma buys. Make m’nose feel all funny—like I’s sneezin’. She don’t buys them no more—not since Auntie Jen said s’why she got fat. Ma don’t like… Continue reading

What is the best day?

  Boy, never real thought on it much. I dunno—maybe one o’ them last days o’ summer? When the wind gets all nice ‘n’ warm? ‘N’ Ma makes me that fancy hot chocolate… Continue reading