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KIP the elephant stands in the middle, cramped and holding a balloon. FLO the goldfish floats in a large tank. Another photoshoot. KIP Gee, never thought I’d see th’inside o’ where they stay.… Continue reading


FLO the goldfish floats in a bowl on a windowsill. FRANCESCO the quail busies himself just outside. They’ve been talking. FLO Just…gosh. I dunno—I guess what else would he do, ya think, right?… Continue reading

What is your biggest problem?

  My biggest problem? Oh, lord. Gee. Gosh. You know… You know—I guess I don’t know? Maybe? I mean…boy. And it’s not like I don’t have problems. Hah, hoo boy have I got… Continue reading

What is your biggest regret?

  Oh, gee. Gosh. I dunno—I guess I, uh… Well, now, let me think. Uh…maybe being single? …No, no, that’s not that bad, I guess…but something along those lines, I think, maybe. Hmm.… Continue reading

What is sexy?

  O-kay!… Hah. Yeah. Ummmm… I guess I don’t really know how to answer this one? I guess…I don’t know…good hygiene, maybe? Or…uhhh…thoughtfulness? I really don’t know—I don’t really pay attention to those… Continue reading