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Carne (haiku)

Demi like carne. Carne best-fruit. Ya. It best. Good ting fruit no mind. —Demi the Kookaburra


DEMI the kookaburra squats on a branch. NILES the opossum lurks below, obviously waiting for someone. He’s been here awhile. DEMI …y Demi mudder, y Demi brudder, y Demi sister, y Demi papá…… Continue reading


KIP the elephant and perched DEMI the kookaburra stand amongst VARIOUS YOUNG ANIMALS. Many hold balloons, a tripod nearby. This is obviously some kind of photoshoot. KIP I don’t like meetin’ so many… Continue reading

What is good?

  Good like not good but better. Almost de same but not really. One is lots better. Like Demi’s brudder and sister. His brudder is good; his sister, not really. Would have to… Continue reading

What is it, son?

  Papa, why we never go out to de country? It nice out dere. Lots of fruit. How many fruit Papa have before? Demi have seven. Seven fruit. Let me tink. Mango? Banana?… Continue reading