What is a letdown?


Dude, no, wait, listen to this—just hear me out—I mean I swear you never heard this one before.


No, dude, no—I ain’t kidding. Just gimme a chance to explain. …You know pizza? Yeah, yeah, you do, dude, you do. Now, see, here’s the thing about pizza—I’m not kidding here, I really mean this, or I wouldn’t be tellin’ ya this if I didn’t—the thing about pizza is, man…is it’s the slices. …I mean why have ’em? All they do—and I mean ALL they do (and I mean this)—is predetermine who gets what, when, how, and I mean, what’s it to THEM, huh? I mean, what IS it? They just stick it to ya, man, and dude, ain’t what you want…and I tell ya—and I mean it, man, I always mean it, yo, I’m good on it ALWAYS—is you EVER want your slice, share, cut, you just gotta TAKE. …Take just like THAT.

Just take, man…

I know what I’m talking about, man…’cause come on, seen it too many times. Dude, the world ain’t made for waitin’ in lines, no—you know it ain’t. You know it ain’t.