What is the diagnosis?


Fit as a fiddle. Right as rain. Firin’ cylinders. All systems go…

‘Cause an apple a day, y’know? Y’are what ya eat? No pain, no gain, they tell me. Been chokin’ down vitamins…

…How ‘bout you? Been tossin’ ‘n’ turnin’? Shakin’ like fish? Down in the dumps, I bet? What—cat got your tongue?

So ya hit rock bottom. *shrug* Battered ‘n’ fried. Down ‘n’ out. Fire to pan.

…Wait. That ain’t it. Oh, cry a river. Foot in mouth. Cripes

…But hey, no harm foul. The long and short? Not peas in a pod. One man’s treasure—another man’s trash. Guess which is you.

Or did I stutter.