What is it, Henry?


Man smells funny. Yeah. Man smells funny. Like soap. Soap and oranges. Soap and oranges. …I like soap. Don’t like oranges.

He’s here to talk to you today, Hen. Is that okay, love? Is that okay?

No. No. Don’t like oranges. Man smells like oranges. Don’t like him.

Hen? Hon? He’s just gonna talk to you. You like to talk to people. …Don’t you?

Not here. Not now. Not with Oranges. Mr. Oranges. I want Soap. Mr. Soap. Where is he.


Make Oranges leave.

Henry. Dear. You have to stay calm. We can have him use the phone. Would that help?


…Yeah, I like the phone. Okay, yeah, use the phone. Phone is good. Like soap is good. But first wash.


I said he wash.

*a beat*

…Hands. Hands. Hands and soap. Hand soap. I like hand soap. Where’s my hand soap. He needs it.


Needs Mr. Soap.