What is our purpose?


Purpose…? Purpose…? Ain’t a word, really. Should be “behavioral justification and blueprint”—i.e., why we do what we do and how we do it. Ya life. All live a certain way for reasons. But don’t need no “purpose.” Think back to the womb, I mean. Ya had a purpose? Didn’t think so. Had cartilage, a head, and things to grow—nothin’ else. Needn’t no reason but to be. That’s the way of it. Called “enlightened biological directive perspective—self-discovered, self-determined, self-applied.” Never need any other personal contract but; you make you for your reasons. Purpose damned. Just think of the world if everyone were with it. Judgment, religion, politics—all gone. Go drive your own “car”—this one’s taken. Term “backseat driver’s” a myth. Think about it. Your wheel, your road, and they can’t see.

*a beat*

Purpose…purpose… What ya mean, “purpose”… “Self-flagellating spontaneity extraction,” more like. A soul sucked out by some “calling”. Sheesh.