What is it called?


It’s called “covert acquaintance commandeering and acclimation.” Do it all the time. Is a practiced business. “Regular connection overturn and resupply” being the technical term. Never keep friends too long. Perks dry up. Get to know you, get comfortable, get expectations. Can’t have. You need “constant social reprioritization and reorganization.” Fools never plan. A professional has a system. Has his way, keeps it slick, keeps it clean. Never get outta the practice. It’s what saves you. Friend folk, find their friends, friend their friends, ditch the first. Whole new slew of disposable relations. It works. Works every time, every way. Trust me. “Incontrovertible resource ingenuity,” I call it. “Installments of social return.” Like earning interest from investments never made—the perfect deal. Why doesn’t everyone work friend engineering… “The Counterfeit Friend.” Title of my book.