KIP the elephant stands in the middle, cramped and holding a balloon. FLO the goldfish floats in a large tank. Another photoshoot.

Gee, never thought I’d see
th’inside o’ where they stay.
Looks a lot nicer’n I thought.
Nicer’n Ma would have it, that is.
She ain’t one for lots o’ colors.

Hah. Yeah. Well…hmm—yeah.
I guess you could say it’s kinda,
I dunno, “ritzy,” maybe..but I’ve
never thought of it that way. Just
seems normal to me, ha ha! Just
comes with the territory, I guess!

I like all them lights, but can’t
help feelin’ I’s too big. I don’t fits
like you do. And not fittin’ always
makes me sad. Auntie Jen never
fit anywhere—always said was
‘cause o’ her trunk.

Ha ha. Okay… Well…? I dunno.
Maybe you’re just not cut out for
this kinda thing? I guess maybe
it’s just a goldfish thing, I think,
or something…’cause yeah, I
know I’ve never had a problem
with that kind of thing. Always
felt right as rain wherever I am!
Gosh, I wonder if that’s why they
put me here? Might as well use a
girl where she’s best, ha ha—
everywhere, hah! Who knows
where they’ll move me to next!

I wish I could feel like that. It
ain’t fun bein’ sad. Even if you
gots a nice big balloon. It just
reminds me of Auntie Jen before
she shrank again, ‘n’ I don’t
wanna be like Auntie Jen. Too
many wrinkles. If Ma were here,
she’d say it’s nice to try
somethin’ different, but I don’t
think she’d fits in here niether.
…But she wouldn’t be sad.
Momma never gets sad. I’m
glad I have her for a momma.