What is our future?


“Future.” Just think of that word for a moment. Really think.

*a beat*

There. See what happened? By thinking of it, you made it real. You’re here! Give yourself a hand and have a seat.

But no. Let’s be serious now. Our future is still out there. And you’re right, it’s something not to be taken lightly. So where does that leave us.

Let’s see. Where are we now. In the middle of peace? In the middle of war? On our deathbeds? At our birth? Middle age? Middle of change? Center of the universe? The bleeding edge? It’s funny to think about where we are or going when all we ever know is where we’ve been. …Or do we? Just humor me for a moment… Thirty years ago—your teenage years, we’ll say—where did you think your life was? Now ask the same thing of your self ten years older: Where was I my teenage years? Different answer, I bet. Now stay with me… Ask the same thing, again, of your self another ten years older. Again—what’s the answer? Not the same. Now…finally… Ask your self of today where your life was when you were a teenager. Brand new answer, not one like the first.

*another beat*

Now, what just happened here? How is it that not only before or when you were a teenager did you not know where you’d be in those years…but even ten, twenty, thirty years later, you still can’t agree? And you won’t another ten years from now! If where I “was” thirty years ago will always depend on when you ask me, how can it ever have a meaningful answer? Who knows. And the same goes for our future. The future of me now is not the future of me a week from now—or even the “future” of me who’s already lived through it.

Funny, isn’t it? How so much changes with perspective? So much so that even words can lose their meaning? Enough for me.