What is bothering you?


“Bothering me”? “Bothering me”? Really? Like that? Sheesh! Some people! The nerve! I tell ya!

*a beat*

‘Kay! Fine. Fine! Fine. “Bothering me.” Here you go. You asked…

*a deep breath*

You people. You! Yeah. You know. The lot of ya! Your talk! Your questions! What gives?! Mean…who’s askin’?! Nobody! Nobody! Nobody… So, please. “Bothering me”? Pff…

*a beat*

Say something! Sheesh! No? Don’t want to? Really? Familiar? Ya think? Uh-huh—yeah, sure. Thought so. Did! Did. Nuh-uh. Too late. Too! …Late.

—Charlie (“Missy C.”)