What is important?


It’s all about trust, man. All about trust. None of us are really real without each other… You know? And when that trust breaks, man, all them luxuries? You live without ‘em. No dude can live without his homes. Called relationships, dude. Can’t figure them out, you ain’t human. Just a shell pickin’ up its own pieces. And I don’t know about you, but I hate shells. All the good stuff’s inside, so why hide it. Gotta live open, man; gotta share yourself. Can’t tell what’s good unless you taste it. And that’s what we’re all doin’: tasting each other, tryin’ us on. And the ones you like best you stick around. Relationships, man. Trust. That’s where it’s all at. I won’t throw out you if you don’t me. Just…taste.

*a laugh*

“Just Taste.” Heh. Oughta be a song name or somethin’. I never know I got these things in me until you ask, man…

—Randal (“Dyl”)