KIP the elephant and perched DEMI the kookaburra stand amongst VARIOUS YOUNG ANIMALS. Many hold balloons, a tripod nearby. This is obviously some kind of photoshoot.

I don’t like meetin’ so many folks
the same time. Makes m’nervous.
Like the time Pa took me to the
city? Showed where he worked?
…I’dn’t like that. It was scary.
Didn’t know nobody’s name.
‘Cept for Pa’s. Everybody said we
were nice. But I didn’t feel nice.
Wanted to go home, be with
Momma. She knows my name.
But Daddy said I did real good
when I’s scared, so I guess it
turned out all right.
(a beat)
I miss him now…

Awww. It okay. Demi share his
papa wit land-bird. He bring us
fruit. It be okay. Land-bird have
favorite fruit? Demi like mouse y
bird y insect y carne. Land-bird
like carne? Can ask for Papa.

Never knew them bugs and birdies
were fruit. Funny.
(a beat)
…’R grass ‘n’ stuff fruit? ‘Cause
they’s be my favorite. Only they’s
ain’t on trees but on ground.

Ground-fruit? Demi never heard
of ground-fruit before. But new
fruit his favorite, I tink. Yes.
(a beat)
Why hold round-bird? It want fly,
I tink. Yes—it want fly.

Don’t really knows why I gots this.
It’s funny. Not even holdin’ it, ‘n’
it’s stuck. I wonder how it got like
that. Never knew a bird that only
flew up. ‘D make me tired.

Maybe it have no fruit. Demi have
too much fruit, he no fly. He never
try no eating fruit. Dat sound sad,
I tink. But den fly easy. He’d
radder have fruit den fly easy. Ya.

Never thought ‘bout it like that.
Guess s’why you never fly. Too
much fruit. I eat too much, Momma
still always tries t’give me more. I
don’t always finish. It’s a lot.

Land-bird y Demi should switch
madres. Land-bird more stomach,
Demi more fruit. Papa no will care,
I tink. Ya. He no care.

(a chuckle)
You talk funny. I like you. Maybe
we’s finished our daddies meet too.
I’ve a new daddy. He’s real skinny.

Land-bird should give extra fruit
his papa. Demi no need. He need fly.