What is truth?


Truth. Aww… You’re talkin’ to the right man, my man. I see things can’t even be seen… Like…here, do this for me… Naw, with your hands out. …You feel ‘em? Yeah, you feel ‘em. Called worry waves, man. You got ‘em. We all got ‘em. ‘Cause you never see where it is you’re goin’. You can see, then it’s allllllll laid out for you, dude—the past, the future, whole kaboodle. Quite the trip

I can take you on that trip, dude. F’you think you’re ready. You’re the pilot of your own mind, man—the ride is waitin’. I’m just a passenger. But don’t think this is a trip, man, you can easily come back from. Once you’ve seen truth, it’s all you see…

*a beat*

But it’s worth it, man. It’s worth it…

—Randal (“Dyl”)