What is your biggest problem?


My biggest problem? Oh, lord. Gee. Gosh. You know… You know—I guess I don’t know? Maybe? I mean…boy. And it’s not like I don’t have problems. Hah, hoo boy have I got problems… I tell ya. …But see? Gosh—see? I mean, I guess it’s just that I can’t pick just one. Funny, huh? I guess I’m just like that! Hah. Watch out—here comes the crazy, ha ha! But you know? I really like that about myself, I think. Yeah. Why be boring, you know? Might as well be random while you can. Ha ha! Before you have to “grow up.”

Gosh… You know, I’m glad you asked me this. I had no idea how much I liked myself! Hah! I guess you never really know that stuff, do ya? ‘Til ya really think about it? Jeez. What a lot to think about. Weird. I’m gonna have to ask my mom that one. Oh boy. Duck and cover, right? It’s not like I get it from nowhere! Hah. Sheesh… “Biggest problem,” huh? “Biggest problem.” …Still nothin’! Hah, leave it to me to have that as a problem. Ha ha! I’m nuts!