What is the secret?


“What is the secret?” That’s ya question? Well why tell if it’s a damn secret, sweetheart? Christ. …Alright. Fine. Ya want a secret. Sure. Keep ya mouth shut. That’s how ya keep secrets. See this? What I’m doin’ with m’gums? Don’t do that. Givin’ shit away. I need ta smart up. But really. More ya talk, more ya show how stupid ya are. Look at me. Don’t know the fuck I’m sayin’. That’s ’cause I talk. I don’t talk, ya know shit. I like ya knowin’ shit. I do. More shit ya know, more ya talk; more ya talk, more ya look like shit. Makes me hot shit in comparison.

Wanna know the secret? Stay away from shit. ‘Specially in ya head or out ya mouth.