What is your biggest regret?


Oh, gee. Gosh. I dunno—I guess I, uh… Well, now, let me think. Uh…maybe being single? …No, no, that’s not that bad, I guess…but something along those lines, I think, maybe. Hmm. Wow, it’s really hard to say, you know? I think… I guess maybe never really putting myself out there, actually? Yeah, I mean, I could really go crazy if I really wanted to, I think—and it’s not like people haven’t wanted me to—but…I dunno. Just never really felt like it, I guess? Everyone always tells me I should ‘cause I’d be the perfect person for it, but I guess it’s just not the kind of thing I’m into. I’m more of a “me time” person, I think. Like “date yourself,” almost? Ha ha. Of course, I guess I’m kinda giving myself an advantage. It’s not like any guys out there know me like I do, hah, and I guess they’re probably safer for it, ha ha!…


But yeah, I probably should sometime at least—just to know what I’m missing? Even if it turns out awful, I’ve still myself! Hah! Huh, I wonder how many others can say that? Hmm, maybe it’s just easier when you know yourself so well. Never need anyone to be happy! In fact, it would probably just get in the way, I think, actually. Just think, who ever knows what someone else is thinkin’. I tell ya, if someone ever saw what went through my mind, gosh, no way they wouldn’t think I’m crazy. Hah! But hey, that’s what I love about myself—I never know what I’m gonna say! Ha ha! Even my friends always say I’m borderline crazy, but I mean, hey, who said crazy’s such a bad thing! In fact—hah—I bet I get crazier a little each year; it’s not like my date me’s goin’ anywhere!

Whoa. Gosh. I really got off track there, huh, didn’t I? But I guess my biggest regret isn’t actually a regret, though, is it? Hah! Funny. Getting weirder by the day it seems after all, maybe! Watch out, or I’ll not ask ya out! Ha ha!