What is refreshing?


Always did like them fizzy pops Momma buys. Make m’nose feel all funny—like I’s sneezin’. She don’t buys them no more—not since Auntie Jen said s’why she got fat. Ma don’t like her talkin’ like that, but we all knows it: Auntie Jen gots like a balloon—stretchin’ ‘n’ all. I seen her take ‘er shirt off since she shrank again; still gots them funny ol’ wrinkles. Makes me laugh. I don’t laugh when Auntie Jen’s around, o’ course. That’d make her sad. ‘N’ she don’t deserve to be sad. …Even if she gots wrinkles. Shoot, Grampa Vern’s gots wrinkles too, only they’s on his head. ‘N’ he don’t deserve nothin’ but smiles. I like Grampa Vern. He talks funny. Even things he says be kindsa funny. I don’t know much ’bout things Grampa says, but Ma says ’tain’t always nice. But I don’t mind. I just like listenin’ to the way ’em words sounds. Guess could say they’s kinda refreshing too. Like them fizzies.