What is the best day?


Boy, never real thought on it much. I dunno—maybe one o’ them last days o’ summer? When the wind gets all nice ‘n’ warm? ‘N’ Ma makes me that fancy hot chocolate ‘cause I gots to go back to school? I like it then… Pa gets up early so we can play ball ‘fore it gets hot and he gots to go to work, ‘cause we can’ts no more when I goes to school and it gets colder. He got me my favorite mitt last time. I still have it. But I don’t plays with it no more—not since Daddy died. Guess this year I’ll’ve to play somethin’ else. Maybe jacks.

I don’t mind that Daddy died. I liked him. I had fun while he was around. Whoever’s with him now will have fun jus’ the same. Maybe they like summer too.