What is today’s special?


Today on sale. Two for five. Come, eat, enjoy. Thank you. Have a good day. Bye-bye. See you later. Come again. Happy Friday. De nada. Next.

Hola. That it? Two fifty-nine. Need receipt? Okay. Sign here. There you go. Take care. Enjoy. Have a nice day. See you later. Sayonara. Who’s next.

Cash or credit. Three eighty-five. Out of five. Here you go. Enjoy. ‘Til next time. Have a good weekend. See you later. Take it easy. Bye-bye. Next.

Two veggie, one sandwich. Six eighty-two. Want receipt? Okay. One sec. Here you go. Sign here. Gracias. All done. All yours. Congratulations. Have a good one. Happy Friday. ‘Til Monday. Come again. Salut. Next.