What is the plan?


It’s a party, uh? Score some dough, right? No point to it otherwise, I think.

Listen. I’m your guy. I know what I need to know. And I know you wouldn’t be there too if it weren’t for payments. I mean, we all know—Hurly’s no patient guy. Don’t see some cash, won’t be happy. You know?

*a beat*

Yeah, I think you do. Hurly thinks you do too. How about that, uh? Such nice guys we are, yeah? Such nice guys, in fact, gonna do you a favor: gonna watch your back. Wherever you go, I go. Whoever you see, I see. Like brotherly love between friends, am I right? After all, who knows what kind of things you could get up to. Feels good to have someone in your corner, right? I’d sooner do it for you than for me. That’s partnership, yes, is it not? That’s partnership, I think.