What is gonna happen?


Omigosh. Like, Jamie? From college? Totally having a party this weekend. So psyched. And guess who’s gonna be invited. Yeah. I know. Jason. Like, Mr. I Have a New Sports Car Jason. …Right? I mean, just…shut up right now. I need to deal. Like, seriously deal. But you know the worst part? Flippin’ Heather. Yeah. That Heather. Like…the one with the boobs? Thinks she can just have whatever she wants. As if that’s a thing! As if Jason would ever want her. I mean, get real, right? …Jason? And her? At Jamie’s? Totally not. “Not even if he were desperate”-like not. Not even boobs could make that happen. He’s too good for her, and she knows it. It’s like, god, just stop being a bitch and get life. …You know?