What is worth taking?


Now that is a particularly insipid question, isn’t it? “Worth taking.” As if one’s one gain, under right circumstances, can be worth the expense of another. I see little ethic. No, if one is to take, do it honestly and fully; there are alternatives to celebrating the burglar. For instance, take your time, perhaps—else your leave; take a moment, a breather, a stand.

*a beat*

Maybe a picture. …No? Then take it in. Or “take that for,” take pride, take note.


Pray, take a seat? …If not, a knee, then. Only proper, need you *looking skyward* take your ways up with someone… But no, that shan’t be necessary, I think, for I take you take my meaning: take what is yours—heart, heed, what you can get, my word—but don’t pretend it’s ever freely. What we take from others gets taken from us; our only hope is to ensure it’s consensual.

Take care.