What is hard?


“What’s hard,” “What’s hard”… What ya mean, “What’s hard”? Ya wanna know somethin’, ya come and ya ask and I tell, but none of this “What is hard, what is hard”… Everything’s hard! Ya get fat, you get old, ya have kids, they have kids, ya can’t work, can’t retire, lose ya knees, hip gives out

*deep breath*

…husband cheats, husband drinks, husband leaves, can’t walk out, he walks out, where ya go, have no friends, can’t make friends *running out of breath* can’t pay bills, can’t pay rent, Mom moves in, Pa moves out, break the car, can’t get meds, can’t need meds or ya done


“What is hard,” “What is hard”… Who are you, “What is hard”?! Get a life and get back to me—”What is hard”…