Mitch & Danny


Righ’, le’s geddis. You parked me car.

I parked the car.

I went in f’ra table.

You went in for a table.

I goddus seats, seddus down. Ya wiff me?

Got seats…

Oi! Wiff me?

…What about the garcon?

“Garcon,” “garcon”… Don’tchoo worry ’bout no garcon. ‘E’s ours. ‘E’s geddin’ seddup.

You mean…


No! Jeezis! Wiff COVERAGE, Danny, COVERAGE.



So what is he saying?

‘Is glassis. Forgoddis glassis. Couldn’ see nuffin’, least of all cuppla faces. ‘S funny—says ‘e actually did.

Did what?

Forgeddis glassis.

…The garcon?

Yeh. Never did make us—jus’ showed and did wha’ ‘ad.


So anyways, wo’ I fink: we seddin on some brews, ‘ad cuppla more affer a bite, bounced a’ eight, godda cab, lef’ wiff nuffin’ but keys. Junka banged somefin’ else, weren’t nuffin’ on us—least of all, nuffin’ on me. You goddem keys?

Yes, but hold on. If we left at eight, what’s our alibi? Our only witness can’t testify for us, and even if he could, he “couldn’t see us.” There aren’t many places to go without a car…

‘Adn’t fodda ‘at one. …Pub?


‘Ey’d say we’s been in ‘ere any nigh’…