What is it with men these days?


Yanno, I sorta just feel… I dunno!

It’s just, I look at ‘im, and I think…is that all there is? …This is it? I mean, yea, I always thought love was s’posed to be like, yanno, this grand, miracle thing, see, but still, all I think when seein’ ‘im is…man, do I deserve betta. There. I seddit! Arrest me. But how’s a girl tanno she’s happy if she don’t know what good looks like. Makes ya think!

And what DO you think, Jessica?

I think, why doesn’t ‘e hold the door f’me anymore? Why doesn’t ‘e gimme ‘is jacket? That was a thing a guy did, back when they knew they oughta. Holdja hand—stuff like that. Walk on the outside. If my mutha knew I carried cash, she’dn’t let ‘im have the end! …Don’t know what I’d do!

So you’re saying, your husband, he did all those things?

Course ‘e did!

And your father?

Just ask the man! Brought my mutha down from the station.

You father is HERE… Right now?

Third row. The aisle. Sharper’n a preacher on Sunday. Mum’s fave.

Ah. There they are.

Ain’t she a peach.

So tell me, Jessica, how do you think expectations have gotten this way?

Yanno, I couldn’t say. One minute, you’re doin’ up heels; next, you’re pickin’ up kids. Like…where’d it go? The last twenny years? All that girl-guy stuff? Nothin’ ever’s left as it should. I tell ya. Men just ain’t what they used’ta.