“Binnie” & Sarah


And what do you like about that one?


It’s golden? Yeah? What else is gold about it?

The… ‘S got stuffs on it.

The glitter?


Sparkles? Those sparkles are what make Aunt Bennie sparkle. Right?


Yeah. Same ones. Same ones, those. …And how did Beary get sparkles on him?

Aunt… Aunt…Binnie?

Nope. ‘Twasn’t Auntie Binnie. Was it? …Who do you think?

Hint? It was…




Yessssss. It was! Remember yesterday? When you got Beary? You put the sparkles on him. Didn’t you?

Yep. Uh-huh—you did. And then what did you do with Beary this morning?

…Fed him?

Noooo— Well, yes. We did. But after we fed him. What do you think? Can you remember?





…Washed him?

WASHED him! Right. We washed him. But Beary wasn’t the only thing we washed, was he. Something else was dirty that morning too. Can you guess?

Nope, not you.

Not me. But it WAS something that had to do with Auntie Binnie.

We washed…

…your hair?

No, you little fuck. We washed my CLOTHES! My fucking CLOTHES! Those THINGS I wear. That are supposed to be anything but GOLD!


Don’t “Binnie” me, you glittering little cunt. I’ve pissed out bigger shit than you on my period.