What is family?


What it is, what it is— Hear me out… I’s what keeps you down, bro. I’s what keeps you down. Tha’s ALL ‘ey’ll ever be.

My momma, when I turn thirteen? She said, fuck yo ass—you git out on ya own. And tha’s what I did! Tha’s what I did. Her? She be humpin’ ’em food stamps—only daddy ain’t never leaved. ‘N’ look where she is: Poor Bitch Lane, right where she start. She learn to fuck less, might be a piece’a ass worth seein’. But then again, ain’t nobody seened her d’ain’t paid for it, and in her line’a work, “payin’ folk” be all she got. Family be damned.

Naw, naw, see. Family be a’ight. I’s “po’ hoe bitches” get me down.

Not the same. Not the same by a mile.

—Delawrence (“Dale”)