What is god?


Reckon there’s someone out there knows more’n I do—more’n generally lets on. ‘Bout lotta things. What life is. Who has it. Where ‘s goin’. Reckon won’t meet ‘im; don’t mean ain’t there, watchin’. Maybe ‘s him… Or maybe jus’ some bloke bigger’n we are. Call ‘im what will—I call ‘im Padre. Like to think maybe ‘e likes that. Familiar.

Do you see this person as benevolent?

Well… We all do what seems best. Ain’t always turns out we like. Still, who’s to say it should. Who’re we? What we know? Reckon he’s the same. Wants best, does best. All ya ask.

At the end of the day, what’s their role?

No need, really. I ain’t one. You ain’t. Why worry? Owe nobody, no thing. Just be. If you can’t that, what can you?

—Barry (“Bear”)