What is friendship?


It’s when you have a real shit day and ya just wanna cry, and so ya sit there and you let it out and you get it all done—and your mate just knows how to shut the fuck up. Don’t need sayin’ nothin’—just sit there with it. Don’t fuck it.

You mean just say nothing…

I mean don’t stick yer foot in yer mouth. Don’t need no fuckin’ shoulder; don’t need no fuckin’ cheer. Just shut it.

Right. And how does that get on with anything…?

The more you fuckin’ try to fix shit, the more it’s just gonna break. Leave it as is, let ’em have a good cry, and go for a pint when all’s finished.

Why even bother to have them there, then, if they’re just gonna be part of the scenery?

So yer not cryin’ at the wall, ‘s why! No one’s so pathetic they wanna blubber along in private. Least have an ear around, whether it buggers any or not. Else you’re just a sap in a chair, havin’ a go at nothin’.


Am I right?