What is happiness?


“What’s ‘happy’?” Can you believe? “What’s ‘happy.'” There’s the rub, innit. If y’knew, you wouldn’t bother to sit here and tell—you’d just go have it. Doesn’t work like that. You can’t just say, “Oh, it’s jolly well this…” and then go out and think to find it. You just have it or ya don’t. Can’t work for it, can’t lose it—you just are or ya ain’t. Simple. Fact, second you figure it got there, the second it gets up ‘n’ leaves. Just be glad for it and don’t go lookin’. It’ll come in its own.

Me? Nah. Don’t know why you bother to ask, really. I look like I’ve had? I just say shit to say, truth in it or none. Better than lookin’ like ya do—clueless. Reality, no one really knows what the hell is they’re sayin’, least of all those always sayin’. …See?

—Richard (“Rich”)